2015 Grenache Rosé

18.00/ bottle

The Grenache grapes that make up this wine are intentionally picked for the Rosé program, and the pale pink salmon color and lively, zesty aromas highlight this. The fresh aromas of fresh strawberries, melon, rose petals, orange blossoms, and stone fruit pave the way for a refreshing experience you will not soon forget. The purity from the Grenache grapes gives this dry rosé a rich and intense flavor while maintaining its vibrancy. Lees contact during fermentation allowed for this wines luscious mid-palate to blend perfectly with the bright acidity and creamy texture. Stone fruit and citrus play on your palate, while the finish packs great depth. 100% Grenache Rosé.

91 SCORE / GOLD MEDAL – Central Coast Wine Competition 2016

 Estate Oak Club  $15.30 /bottle          Reserve Oak Club  $14.40 /bottle


The vintage of 2015 brought us lower yields and high quality in comparison to the past three vintages. These lower yields can be attributed to a longer bloom time due to cooler weather, strong winds, and rain. These untimely acts from Mother Nature ultimately affected berry set which brought us uneven ripening. This later led to clusters having fewer berries and in turn, lower yields. Following the unusual May gloom, the summer months were quite warm, which expedited maturity and therefore brought us an earlier harvest. The continuous drought also attributed to the vines ripening at a faster pace than normal. The overall vintage delivered excellent color development, great concentration and depth, while also maintaining balanced chemistries for excellent aging potential.


Camp 4 Vineyard is situated on the eastern most edge of the Santa Ynez Valley and serves as the gateway into Happy Canyon. The vineyard is home to 19 varietals focusing on Rhone and Bordeaux, providing an ideal microclimate with a long growing season and maximum flavor development. The sandy-loam soil aids in producing high quality wine grapes. We pride our vineyard on the perfect balance of quality and quantity and the focus on sustainable farming.


A perfect match with cheese and charcuterie. The bright acidity balances out the creaminess and intensity of strong cheeses and is also a wonderful complement to a roasted beet salad with goat cheese and nuts or even a rosemary and blue cheese flatbread. The beauty of this wine is not only in the glass but also in the versatility of its pairing-enjoying it on the porch or with your favorite meal.

Santa Ynez Valley
Camp 4 Vineyard
Harvest Brix
100% Grenache
100% Stainless Steel for 6 months
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