Camp 4 Vineyard

The story of Camp 4 Vineyard begins with the late Fess Parker.  After purchasing the 1,400 acre property, Parker decided to plant 256 acres of grapes on the land in 1999 and it produced its first successful crop harvest in 2003.  The vineyard’s name, Camp 4, refers to the land being the fourth stop on a passage from San Francisco to Yuma, Arizona, during the stagecoach days.  Kitá Wines journey with Camp 4 began in 2010 when The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians purchased the property.

The vineyard is situated on the eastern most edge of Santa Ynez Valley and serves as the gateway into Happy Canyon. The vineyard is home to 19 varietals focusing on Rhone and Bordeaux grapes and provides an ideal microclimate for these varietals with a long growing season and maximum flavor development.  We pride our vineyard on the balance between quality and quantity.

“Growing wine grapes is truly a partnership with Mother Earth.  It is about finding that connection to the land, soil and climate.  It’s not only about taking what we need, but by giving back in sustainable ways so that we can preserve the land for the longevity of our future generations.” –Tara Gomez, Winemaker


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