2013 T’aya

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“Abalone Shell” in the Native language of Samala.

This southern style Rhone blend of Marsanne, Roussanne, and Grenache Blanc showcases aromas of stone fruit, floral, and an accented nose of minerality. This wine exudes a creamy rich, yet vibrant, texture that layers your palate with flavors of honeysuckle, pear, and lemon zest. The acidity highlights the tropical flavors, tangy minerality, and round texture given from the lees aging. The floral notes are accented by hints of a saline finish that coat your palate.

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The vintage of 2013 has proven to be the highest quality thus far for Kit Wines. It’s amazing to see excellence in consecutive vintages and a second year of ideal growing conditions. After the high-yielding year of 2012, the harvest was back to normal. We saw great weather conditions during the growing season and a balanced crop load, leading to an outstanding vintage. The moderate weather conditions produced grapes with well-balanced chemistries. Although everything ripened at once, the consecutive dry year produced low to average yields with smaller berries. The high skin to-juice ratios produced more intense colors and flavors. The barreled wines showed great richness, depth, and balance in their infancy, indicating an excellent vintage.


Camp 4 Vineyard is situated on the eastern most edge of the Santa Ynez Valley and serves as the gateway into Happy Canyon. The vineyard is home to 19 varietals focusing on Rhone and Bordeaux, providing an ideal microclimate with a long growing season and maximum flavor development. The sandy-loam soil aids in producing high quality wine grapes. We pride our vineyard on the perfect balance of quality and quantity and the focus on sustainable farming.


T’aya is a white Rhone blend of Marsanne, Roussanne and Grenache Blanc with a flavor profile of stone fruit, flowers and a hint of minerality. Creamy soups like vegetable, butternut squash or pumpkin balance the freshness of this wine, as do seafood dishes such as a grilled red snapper with ratatouille.

Santa Ynez Valley
Camp 4 Vineyard
Harvest Brix
59% Marsanne, 39% Roussanne, 2% Grenache Blanc
100% Neutral Oak for 8 months
Bottling Date
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