2016 Šuqštay

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Šuqštay means “it’s bright” in the native Chumash language of Samala. Šuqštay joins T’aya, Spe’y, and Kalaš in our Blending the Elements collection representing the fourth natural element – fire. It represents the sun, and serves as the provider of light, warmth, and growth.

This 2016 Sparkling Roussanne is 100% varietal and one of only a handful of Sparkling Roussannes in the world. The base wine was fermented in stainless steel vats at low temperatures to preserve the freshness of the fruit. The secondary fermentation is performed in bottle and left to age on lees for 4 years, a process called méthode champenoise. At disgorging, a signature final touch was added using a dosage liquor from a 2016 late harvest aged Roussanne, providing this sparkling wine with added complexity and structure.

This wine was carefully hand riddled and hand disgorged without freezing. It has aromatics of lemon lime, green apple jolly rancher, asian pear, honeysuckle, and brioche. On the palate, it’s lively and bound with delicate tight bubbles bursting with brightness and complexity. It has flavors of toasted almond with layers of creaminess, and mixed with stone fruit and crème brûlée. It finishes with brightness and tangy bubbles that dance around on the palate, teasing you to want more.

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The vintage of 2016 started with a fairly mild winter which caused vines to come out of their dormancy earlier than normal. We also saw lower than average rainfall for the fourth consecutive year. A smooth frost season led to an ideal bloom time. During this time, we saw lower rainfall and limited wind which translated into a successful fruit set and eventually one of our higher yields for Camp 4 Vineyard. A warm summer initiated an early harvest, however the majority of the harvest season was conducted in balanced temperatures leading to favorable conditions and longer hang time. Both of these scenarios allowed for greater flavor development and concentration similar to what we saw in 2015. Unlike the 2015 vintage however, the harvest was extended allowing the fruit to produce balanced chemistry and vibrant aromatic profiles. The wines of this vintage showed the highest potential since the 2013 vintage and highlights a great depth, concentration, flavor, and balance.


Camp 4 Vineyard is situated on the eastern most edge of the Santa Ynez Valley and serves as the gateway into Happy Canyon. The vineyard is home to 18 varietals focusing on Rhone and Bordeaux, providing an ideal micro-climate with a long growing season and maximum flavor development. The sandy-loam soil aids in producing high quality wine grapes. We pride our vineyard on the perfect balance of quality and quantity with the focus on sustainable farming.

Santa Ynez Valley
Camp 4 Vineyard

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