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Vines & Vision: The Winemakers Of Santa Barbara County is a first-of-its-kind exploration of the beautiful region’s winemakers, vineyards, and wineries.

The 632-page book, released in November 2020, features nearly 1,000 intimate images by renowned photojournalist MacDuff Everton and about 100 in-depth profiles by Matthew Dennis Kettmann, who started covering Santa Barbara wine’s scene more than 20 years ago. Included among these pages is our very own winemaker Tara Gomez.

Including essays on the history of the region, a study of its unique geography, and analysis of important trends, Vines & Vision offers a thorough introduction to Santa Barbara county wine.

And yet, due to such deeply reported portraits of both pioneers and newer generations of winemakers, Vines & Vision simultaneously serves as an engaging, personal snapshot of the world’s most exciting wine region during a critical period in its existence.

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